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Are you looking for a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement Service in Santa Clarita, California? If that is the case then you are in the right place.

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Residential & Commercial Roofing Services​ In Santa Clarita California

Roof Replacement

When your home or businesses roof needs a complete replacement from old and falling apart to brand new, we are here for you.  

Roof Maintenance

Some times your roof might only needs some upkeep. If that is the case we are more than happy to resolve those issues for you.  

Roof Repair

When there is an obvious issue with your roof and needs to be repaired. We are the professionals you can trust on. 

Leak Repair

When the rain comes and you need an immediate leak repair we are experts at repairing leaks and leaving roofs like new.

Tile or Shingle Roofing

If you have the need to restore or change the look of your home. We are happy to make your roof show off your home.

Flat Roofing

For businesses or homes with a flat roof that need to ensure it will withstand the elements and done right the first time. 


Expert Roof Repair and Roof Replacement Company in Santa Clarita Ca

All Roofing Pro is the Top-Rated Roofing Company in the area of Santa Clarita. Since 2014 we have helped homeowners and businesses repair or completely replace their roofs having served hundreds of customers since that time.  

If you are currently dealing with a roof that is needs repairs or even might be time for a complete replacement, in this article we will explain the steps to go from having a roof that leaks, has holes and maintenance to a transformed roof that gives your home an amazing new look with non of the issues.

Roofing service santa clarita ca

Roofing Services offered to Santa Clarita Residents

We offer the roofing services that homeowners and businesses in the area that they need to upkeep and repair any type of roof. We are very proud of all the homeowners that we have already helped repair or replace their roofs since we started our roofing business. But not only do we work in Santa Clarita, Ca. We also work in the surrounding areas and cities. 

Depending on the type of damage your roof has, we can offer a solution with our list of services. Here is the type of roof repair services that we can offer:

We might be able to offer other services not listed here. For an immediate answer please contact us by phone by calling 661-360-6620 or by filling out the form on this page and one of our expert roofing contractors will be able to answer any question you may have.

Top Rated Roofers In Santa Clarita Ca

Santa Clarita is a great place. To my knowledge, it’s one of the top 10 safest cities in the state, it also has Six Flags magic mountain which just makes it a great place because of that. 

It’s also a beautiful place with all its valleys and hills and canyons from the right place you can see amazing views of the entire valley area which is one of the things I most enjoy from when I am in the area.

What Does Roof Repair Cost in Santa Clarita, Ca?

One of the questions that we get the most is “How much does it cost to repair a roof in the Santa Clarita area? Well, we hate to say it but it depends. It really depends on the damage that a roof has received. If it’s something small like regular maintenance then it can be as low as a hundred dollars depending on the type of maintenance and time involved. Now if it’s something bigger like an entire roof replacement service because of the entire base or support or because too much damage to the overall roof then it can be thousands of dollars. 

The easiest way to really be able to give you a realistic estimate or quote is to have a conversation about the damage of the roof or with an Inspection or the room. That is why we offer Free Inspections, to make it as simple as possible for homeowners and businesses. You can easily fill out a form on this page and one of our expert roofers will give you a quick call to figure it out.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Repair Services?

Some insurance policies do cover the roof repair services but it really depends on the insurance policy and the type of damage that the roof has received. 

The simplest way to know is by getting a Free Quote and Inspection with the form below, with that information you can send over to your Insurance policy and they will easily be able to tell you if it is covered or it is not.

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